Chapter One.

Where do I even begin with this?

Everyone said “write a blog”, so here I am sitting in my living room at 8:59 pm on a Thursday evening in fact writing a blog. I’ve always been reluctant to write for the “public eye” so to say. I keep a journal on my bedside table and that has always been enough for me. It gets my through my day to day life having a little private outlet for myself, where I can write all the f- you’s I want and no one gets to see but me. Otherwise, I’m a very open person. I don’t have much to hide from anyone, especially regarding every day life happenings. And so… here we are.

I guess we can begin with Polar Tiger Den itself. Once upon a time five years ago, Josh (my significant other of nine years) and I moved into our first apartment. A two bedroom building above a little old Italian lady, who always made the entire place smell like meatballs on Sunday afternoons. It was a legacy, to me anyway, the apartment being one that I lived in as an infant with my teenage Mother and twenty-something Father. I decided that I would live there as an “adult” and do things differently. That was the goal then and now that I think about it, that’s always been the goal, but that story is for another day. Anyway, we moved into our first apartment and needed a name for our Wifi signal, Josh likes tigers and I like polar bears and hence, Polar Tiger Den was born. Once we decided on that name, I kind of decided that it would be the title of our home for life. Things have changed exponentially since that first year on our own, we grew in a lot of ways. We both experienced things that, while not always pleasant, were entirely necessary to end up in the place we are now. Where exactly is that place?

Well, it’s a new “den”. A three bedroom brick house, with a pool and some daffodils in the backyard. We have a family now, our home is filled with girls, three of them to be exact. First our biological daughter Estelle, who is just shy of 18 months and a clone of her father. She is smart, sweet and kind. She is everything that we wanted in our baby girl. Second, my sister London, who is 13 years old and is a loud and crazy little spitfire. This girl has been through the ringer and back, but this last year she has been with us I have seen so much change in her. Finally “S”, our 15 year old foster daughter who has been with us for only two weeks. She’s silly, but smart and respectful. She fits with our family so far and I am curious to see how the remainder of her time unfolds. Due to privacy restrictions with children in foster care, I am unable to use her full name. So unless you have met her in real life, she will be known as S for now.

Who would have thought that one day our house would be filled with girls? Certainly not me! Certainly not Josh! But that hasn’t prevented him from being an amazing Dad/male figure to the girls. Our family definitely has an interesting dynamic, especially because London is my younger sister. She constantly says we need a television show called “Sister Daughters” because I am playing both Mom and sister to her right now. It also makes it confusing for S, because London would “technically” be her Aunt but because she is one of our “children” she’s also her sister, so they call each other Sister-Aunt and Sister-Niece. Laughing through things has definitely helped us to acclimate to the difficult situations and so we will continue to do that I suppose.

I don’t know how often I will be updating, but that’s what I have so far.

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