Foster Care

Our Foster Care Journey

When Estelle was six months old or so, Josh casually walked through our living room and said “I think I’m ready to think about our second child”. We had discussed throughout our relationship that our second child would be adopted and I was surprised that he was ready so soon. I surely was not. The first four months of my pregnancy with Estelle, I threw up every single day. I lost about fifteen pounds and spent most of my days in bed. I also had a blood pressure problem that caused me to get dizzy when I stood up from sitting down. Towards the end of my pregnancy I also ended up with gestational diabetes, so needless to say pregnancy and I are not the best of friends.

Despite the pregnancy I had, Estelle turned out to be a wonderful infant. She’s still a wonderful 18 month old, just to make it clear! She was extremely chill, slept decently, ate plenty and was just all around happy. We were constantly being complimented on her temperament. It made beginning parenting easy, having such an easy baby! I was able to bring her places by myself without a problem and that’s just how we got started in the process. In late August of 2018, I decided to go to one of the local farmer’s markets with Estelle just the two of us. As we were walking through, we came upon an unusual table that didn’t have produce on it but flyers and other things that said “Foster Care”. I talked to the woman, Tiffany, and took her business card and some other things she had and went on my way.

It took me two weeks to build up the gumption to send Tiffany an email. I didn’t tell anyone that I did and waited to see what would happen and she responded quickly. We were asked to meet days later, which was a lot sooner than I was planning for but we went for it! She brought the first but certainly not the last mountain of paperwork for us to go through which consisted of applications, background checks, personal recommendations, information about the agency and so on. It took us a few weeks to get through a majority of it but we took our time because we were in no rush to add more children to our home right away.

** Let’s make a note here : when you decide to get involved with foster care NOTHING goes as planned but you learn to just go with the flow! **

There are six required classes that need to be finished before certification for our agency. The classes are divided into six weeks, each one with a different theme related to the situations you will encounter as a foster parent. Tiffany came directly to our house each time and went over the key sections in each book. The classes consist of a workbook and videos that need to be finished by the next class time, which are fairly easy to get through. Throughout the course of the training, Tiffany really got to know us. We asked a lot of questions and we were very open and honest with her about our lives. At the end of it all, we saw her so often that even Estelle recognized who she was! I think the courses really helped to tell her what “types” of children we could handle.

** Note #2 : If you want to be a foster parent, you have to be comfortable with honesty! Background checks, questions about your personal life and not to mention, case workers coming into your home on a weekly basis to check on the children.**

I am going to try my best to get Josh to write his perspective on our foster care journey and hopefully get that up soon, now that he’s found my blog. (Hi Josh!) It was a mini secret from him so I could establish my writing before he could read it, but he couldn’t leave it alone! Oh well.

Feel free to ask me any questions about our journey! I love to share our experiences with others and encourage them to make a difference in a child’s life.

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