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I realized that it’s been a little longer than I would have liked since the last time I wrote, but that’s Motherhood for you. The only things I can keep to a schedule are official appointments and even then I run a little late. This past weekend was a disconnect from all of that and it was wonderful.

Friday night I brought the girls to my Grandparents summer home in Pennsylvania. “The Cottage” as we have always called it, has been a refuge for my family, friends and myself as long as I can remember. Anytime we needed an escape from reality, we took a 30 minute drive out of town and were free. Swimming, boating, campfires and a little bit of mischief ended up creating the greatest memories from my childhood. I have always dreamed of sharing it with my children someday and this weekend was the first time I was able to, with Estelle being old enough to run around and get dirty. To add to our disconnect experience, we were “fortunate” enough to not have WiFi this weekend. The girls did not have any access to social media or texting and were forced to be outdoors. They adjusted well and did things that even I didn’t do as a child.

These last few weeks I’ve been obsessing about owning a farm. I want my children (and all children, but that’s a larger scale project) to be raised in nature. I want them to plant in a garden, take care of animals and just be outdoors. The more I experience the world around us, the less I plan to allow my kids to use technology excessively. I hate to see children staring at tablets and cell phones instead of exploring the world around them. It kills me to hear children who are unable to hold a conversation with eye contact and substance. It is awful to think that these children could be addicted to their technology, they can’t live without it.

I have been spending a lot of my free time reading a book about sustainability and farming to prepare myself for this journey that I know is to come. The book has inspired me change our household and make it more environmentally friendly. It has been brutally honest about the laziness that has come over us as humans and I really want to play a part in changing that fact.

I would love to learn about more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. What’s your favorite thing to do?

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