Outlining my Dream

Oh man, I know my family is sick of hearing me talk about my most recent dream. I have been obsessing for a few weeks now and I decided to make one big post to get it all out of my system.

Growing up I changed what I wanted to be probably a million times. I wanted to be an animal trainer, because I was obsessed with Sea World after visiting there in elementary school. Plus, who didn’t want to swim with dolphins and orcas at that time? I wanted to be a teacher, because there were many teachers in my family and they all told me how great of a teacher I could be. I wanted to be a social worker, because I wanted to take care of people and help them. I wanted to be a pediatric nurse, because I loved babies and I wanted a job where I could spend all day with them. I learned about something new and I put all of my energy into gaining more information.

I feel like I can happily say that I’ve worked towards making all of my aspirations come to life. I’ve found non blood family members who have dealt with my crazy obsessions for years now and they have played a huge part in helping me. And now they’re coming with me on another crazy adventure, which is working towards creating a sustainable community with a farm.

This grand scheme began with my interest in real estate. I like to randomly look through houses for sale on the internet and came across a ten bedroom house for sale about 45 minutes away from where we live. It was a fixer upper of course, built in the 1800’s but it was beautiful and I thought it would be a good opportunity. We could take care of my Grandparents, our siblings, our families. We could all live in this house together and have chickens with a big garden. I shared this small dream with my family and some laughed it off. Others tried to shut it down, saying I was crazy and didn’t have the money to make it happen, but there were a few who fueled the fire. Some who suggested communal living, living off the land and really making it happen.

Over the course of a few family gatherings it became a normal topic of discussion. Our personal attributes were thrown out into conversation, we have family members with farming experience, business experience, animal experience. We have a wide dynamic of people who could be useful and willing to help if this dream came alive. It eventually caught on to those members of the family who laughed it off at first and now it’s a shared dream between all of us.

But my obsession doesn’t stop there, I had to learn more. So I read and I researched, I decided that we should take a trip over the Summer to the Adirondacks so we could just be in nature away from the busy town life. I looked up Airbnbs in the Adirondacks and lo and behold I came across Better Farm.

“A sustainability education center, artists colony, animal sanctuary and organic farm set on 65 acres in Redwood, N.Y. ” the website says. You could imagine my excitement when this opportunity presented itself! I was stunned, I was energized and I was ready to live the experience. So I bought the book and I am planning the trip to attend one of their education weekends. The universe presented me with this opportunity and I’m taking it.

The education weekend isn’t until the middle of July, and I still have some kinks to work out. My lovely and supportive Mother-in-law who is always up for my crazy adventures will be going with me and it’s going to be an awesome experience all around.

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