Figuring Some Things Out

Hello reality! We’re back from our week long vacation in Delaware. It was quite the learning experience for Josh and I but it was an overall nice time. All three of the girls had different opinions about our time spent and honestly I think Estelle had the most fun out of all of us.

Estelle ran right to the beach, the minute she got the chance. She rolled around in the sand and quickly started digging, splashed in the water and was happily overwhelmed with new sights and sounds. After a few days acclimating she frequently asked to be taken into the “big waves”- she loved the ocean! Her personality has started to blossom lately, as well as her “terrible twos” phase. She has been testing every limit she possibly can, physically and behaviorally. She loves to climb and run, do puzzles, make artwork, TALK, sing and most of all watch her “Baby Doo Doo” (Baby Shark) videos. She has also been fond of smacking people and throwing things at them, which we are trying our hardest to correct appropriately. So I guess we’ll take the good with the bad.

On our last day of vacation my Mother-in-Law (kind of) Ashley proclaimed that their yearly Summer vacation is their New Year. “We go home feeling refreshed and ready to start out the year (again)!” It’s a lovely concept, another chance to start over. I tried to embrace that mindset coming home too New York, but I’ve caught myself feeling slightly overwhelmed with all of the things I want to accomplish. There’s so much I want to do! I’ve succeeded in letting it not totally change my mood, but I have definitely noticed myself getting easily distracted by the tornado of thoughts swirling in my head. I figured I’d write a list of all the things I want to do, as to get them out of my head and into the universe.

In no particular order:

  • Acquire more plants while this may seem like a silly aspiration, I just have a strong desire to have more plants in the house to clean the air and look nice and whatnot
  • Take a Class I’ve been looking into a couple classes for Small Farming and Herbalism that I’d really like to take (Maybe a career change to follow the classes? Who knows?)
  • Canning I’ve recently learned how to make jam! I would really like to can some more things for my family
  • Make a Care Basket Our neighbor across the street was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is such a kind woman, one of the first people to welcome us to the neighborhood and is always there to help if we need it. She is a single Mother and is unable to work during her chemo treatments, so I wanted to put together a basket with homemade goodies and money from our returnables
  • See a Nutritionist/Doctor

I have been wanting to see a nutritionist for about a week now because I have been vegetarian for a month! When I stayed at Better Farm for the Sustainability weekend all of the meals were vegan and I decided when I came home that I would continue with not eating meat and be vegetarian! I haven’t really had any cravings for meat, however I have been tempted by the smells of bacon cooking in my house. I want to see a nutritionist because I feel like I don’t know all that much about vitamins and proteins and I don’t want to end up making myself sick. There’s only so much information you can get from reading on the internet!

I’ve had a decent amount of guidance from my Uncle in Washington who has been a vegan on and off for a while. He has sent me a lot of information about different meals and vitamins, as well as other tips on things I should try to incorporate into my new diet but I would still like to speak to a professional, maybe even my doctor.

In a few weeks the girls will be starting school up again and I will have a decent amount of “alone” time to accomplish these goals. On the contrary, I will also have less time in general because they will be starting sports and other after school activities that I be delivering them to and from. I guess I should add organization to my list, but organization is always on my list because I know it is something that can always be improved. When it comes to the girls, their organizational skills are extremely lacking. Their bedroom constantly looks like they locked a pack of wolves in it, so I am really hoping they catch on.

I think I just decided that I want the girls to come up with some goals for this coming school year, not necessarily academically but just overall life goals. It’s important for them.

Synchronicity~ I started some seedlings in the greenhouse ( I believe I included a picture in a previous post, perhaps not) of Cockscomb flowers. I had no idea what a cockscomb was but I had heard my Grandmother talk about how much she loves them so I decided to buy the seeds without any research. Up until vacation they were slowly growing in height, but they didn’t bloom yet. When we arrived home from vacation, the biggest plant was over 5 feet tall but still without a flower. On a trip to the farm stand where we stopped to pick up some produce, Josh told me I should pick out some flowers for a bouquet for a last minute dinner party he planned. I did so, again without looking at the names but just picking what was prettiest, come to find out I picked out cockscomb flowers! Which was an awesome coincidence and inspired S to do some research about our plants out front. She came to discover that when a cockscomb gets it’s flowers it’s called an “eruption”. So I’m taking this sign from the universe that when our plant “erupts” it will mark something big and beautiful happening! 🙂

Cockscomb Flowers

What are your goals for the New Year? Whether it be right now or in January. Have you started thinking about them yet?

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