Feeling Sentimental

I feel like so much has been going on lately! (Do I always say that? Because I feel like I do-anyway)The beginning of the school year has kind of snowballed into long days with appointments, visits, music class etc. We have something planned It’s been nuts!

This most recent Monday, I attended a funeral for our dear neighbor Joe. We have been living in our house for about two and a half years now and have gotten to know our neighbors a little bit in that time. In the first few months that we lived here, the elderly couple who lived across the street from us, Joe and Toni, were very welcoming. They were excited that I was pregnant because it had been a while since they had young children on the block. Toni especially would always tell me she couldn’t wait to see our little girl, but unfortunately she passed away a few months after Estelle was born and rarely saw her due to the brutal winter we had following her birth. The year and a half following Joe lived by himself in the home they shared across the street from us. He became so spry and would often tell me “you look good!” as I was getting in my car. It’s heartbreaking to see them gone, though I didn’t know them that well.

The whole thing makes me think a lot about my own Grandparents and what is to come for me in the future. At Joe’s funeral, his Granddaughter choked her way through the eulogy and I admired her strength. I’m not sure I could do something like that, but it’s something that’s been on my mind.

Recently my Nana decided to participate in the annual neighborhood garage sales and get rid of the things that have piled up in the basement of my childhood home. Toys, nick knacks, dishes and other random things that have been put into boxes and stacked down there. The minimalist-in-progress side of me, tried her hardest to let my Nana sell everything.

But as the title of this post mentioned, I’ve been feeling sentimental.

It’s a rabbit hole, sentimentality. All of a sudden you see things that you forgot about and you feel a desire to keep it, whether or not you’ll use it. I’ve always been in awe of the items that come from when my Grandparents were younger. I love looking at the pictures of them as newlyweds, with their young boys (my Uncles and Father). Those things just hold great importance to me. So every time my Nana pulled something out from that era to get rid of, I felt myself holding onto it knowing that someday it’ll be a nice reminder of them. Even if it is just something silly like an angel Christmas ornament or the Halloween bowl we used every year.

Since I started helping I’ve come home with boxes of things from her house that contain tea sets (which I actually needed for Estelle’s 2nd birthday party), decorations, photo albums, a dehydrator and other random things. I’ve been trying to get rid of things in my own house, but I guess I’ll always have room for things that allow me to look back and say “My Nana and Papa gave me that.”

And on a lighter note, I really don’t have any reason to shop for things if I can find anything I need in my Grandparent’s basement.

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