On the Other Side of 2

Hello everyone! I am writing to you from the other side of having a two year old daughter and it feels…tiring. I’ve always been huge into birthdays, celebrating them with a bang and going all out, leaving no exceptions with our baby girl. I’ve spent the last six weeks planning this elaborate tea party for her, because why not? My family and I worked our butts off to make it as authentic as possible, but when it was over I caught myself feeling a little empty- to be honest. Six weeks of planning and preparation, all for it to last for a few hours and be over in the blink of an eye. No wonder people stick to pizza and chips for birthday parties. Yikes!

Nonetheless, Estelle had a perfect day and got some genuinely thought out gifts from the people who love her. Which is ultimately the only thing I could ever ask for her. I am so grateful to our family for loving her so much. Though it doesn’t take much to love her, if I do say so myself.

It doesn’t take much to love her, yet at the same time it takes every ounce of patience to handle her new found independence. The “Terrible Two’s” are something of a legend in parenting. One of the things that other parents constantly warn you of as your sweet one year old approaches their second birthday. All of a sudden that sweet one year old starts testing every bit of Mama and Dada’s patience, saying “no” to everything and pushing their physical limits to the brim. That’s when you start to get the “Oh, terrible twos are coming” from other adults. It’s even worse when they are smart is something else we’ve been told and lucky for us Estelle is brilliant. The force is strong with this one. Lord help us all!

For now, we are going to try to fuel her imagination and distract her from getting herself into too much trouble. She really loves getting her hands dirty, play dough, playing with water, crayons, paint. Now the important part is allowing her to do all of these things in a zero waste fashion.

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