Foster Care

The One Where We Take A Respite Placement

“Are you crazy?” I just have to laugh now when people ask us that question, because in all honesty the answer is yes. We are absolutely bat-shit crazy, but we’re also happy so I guess it’s a matter of picking and choosing your battles.

As Josh and I were sitting at the table yesterday discussing our day as I was preparing to leave for a hair appointment, we received a phone call. When the name popped up on the screen, I knew immediately that we were going to be asked to take another placement of some sort. I warned Josh “Oh it’s _______. He’s going to ask us to take a placement-watch.” I answered the phone and am greeted with It’s not a referral this time, but I remembered you saying last time that you would be willing to take in a respite.” I confirm this statement and let him continue with “it’s a 1 year old boy and it’s only for 3 days”. As I’m taking this phone call I can’t help but giggle at Josh because the entire time he’s looking at me with wide eyes and not saying anything. I tell the caseworker ” if I had a camera for Josh’s facial expression every time you call me and ask to take a placement” and he just laughs. It feels like 10 hours waiting for Josh to give me some sort of response, to which the caseworker responds with “do you want to call me back?” and chuckles.

Being that I have to leave for my appointment in about 5 minutes, we quickly discuss the details. Where is he going to sleep? Is anyone available to help us with them kids in the morning? What will he eat? What will he wear? We try to think of solutions for every possible scenario and Josh still doesn’t give me a positive answer. As I’m halfway out the door he yells after me ” Tell him yes!” and with that I bolt out the door to my appointment that I’m already running late for and call the caseworker back to tell him.

So that’s how we ended up with three under three years old in our home in one night. It’s been pretty hectic, but not in a bad way. Estelle loves him, she calls him her little buddy. She’s still learning to share her things, but she’s such a natural big sister. We are so immensely proud of her. S likes having him around too I think. She’s been gracious about sharing her bedroom with him for a few days. As for L, she doesn’t really know the difference either way. Josh on the other hand has warmed up to him more than I thought he would. I think it helps that he’s been the favorite so far, so much so that when he left for the grocery store earlier little man cried for him. It was a successful first day which brings me to biggest factor of this whole situation: my TRIBE.

Every single time we have needed something our family is right there asking us what we need and bringing it to us as soon as possible. In a matter of hours after sharing the news of the new addition to our household, we were asked “do you need anything?” or “what do you guys need?” probably 20 times and I love that. I love that these experiences seem to be growing our family’s hearts tenfold, not to say that they didn’t have huge hearts before but they just have so much love for every child we have brought into our home so far. My lady tribe goes above and beyond, they re-arrange their schedules and go out of their way to help us with whatever we need. Without their love and support we wouldn’t be able to do this, I know that for a fact. I never want it to seem like I take advantage of this knowledge. When we decided to become foster parents, they certainly knew all the details but they didn’t necessarily sign up for it. I don’t think I can ever thank them enough. I hope to give back to them sometime in the future, I’ll just have to figure out something good. Any ideas?

I will try my best to update after our little guy leaves, but until then I probably won’t have much more free time. I’m surprised at myself for writing 2 days in a row, but I wanted to get it all out while it was still fresh in my memory.

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