“Do you Just Hate Working?”

A tiny reminder for myself to bloom where I am planted. Is a question I've been asked several times throughout the course of my working career. This coming August will mark my 10 year anniversary of being a working individual. I only have what, 50 more years to go? It's crazy to think about, but… Continue reading “Do you Just Hate Working?”


Why is it so Damn Hard to Recycle?

I mean, really though. I feel as though I have consistently been an avid recycler. (I try my best anyway) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, am I right? The 3 R's that were instilled in us as children and carried on by most of us into our adulthood. However, I'm coming to realize that a lot of… Continue reading Why is it so Damn Hard to Recycle?

Foster Care

Our Foster Care Journey

When Estelle was six months old or so, Josh casually walked through our living room and said "I think I'm ready to think about our second child". We had discussed throughout our relationship that our second child would be adopted and I was surprised that he was ready so soon. I surely was not. The… Continue reading Our Foster Care Journey