Foster Care

The One Where We Take A Respite Placement

"Are you crazy?" I just have to laugh now when people ask us that question, because in all honesty the answer is yes. We are absolutely bat-shit crazy, but we're also happy so I guess it's a matter of picking and choosing your battles. As Josh and I were sitting at the table yesterday discussing… Continue reading The One Where We Take A Respite Placement

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Some Foster Care Things

It's been a little while since I've written a dedicated foster care post, I realized. When I first started this blog I thought I would have more to say about it on a day to day basis, but I guess I haven't until now. On that note, I haven't had much time for much of… Continue reading Some Foster Care Things

Foster Care

May 31st

How is today the last day of May? This month was one of the busiest for us, especially this last week. Some days it was multiple appointments, some days it was multiple appointments plus music classes PLUS play rehearsal. It has just been crazy, but I'm relieved to have a minute to myself today. One… Continue reading May 31st